Chape loses another and is 2º Brazilian to leave in the preliminary phase of the Libertadores

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Chapecoense became the second Brazilian team to be knocked out of the Libertadores Cup before the group stage by losing to Uruguay’s 1-0 on Wednesday at the Gran Parque Central stadium in Montevideo in a second-round playoff preliminary.

The Verdão do Oeste, who last week had lost by the same score in the Condá Arena, repeats what happened with Corinthians in 2011. At the time, when there was only one stage of an early knockout, Timão was knocked over by Tolima, even having in the cast commanded by the technical Tite players like Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo.

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In the next phase, Nacional, who had a goal from Santiago Romero in the opening moments, will face Banfield, who on Tuesday eliminated Independiente del Valle dramatically. The Argentine representative had drawn 1 to 1 at home and sought the 2 to 2 with a goal in the second half additions in Quito.

Who to qualify will enter group 6 of the Libertadores, which already counts on two champions of the tournament, Santos, and Estudiantes, besides Real Garcilaso, of Peru.

Chape left 4-4-2 in the first leg and returned to playing 4-3-3, just like last year. That way, Arthur took over ownership instead of Nadson. In addition, there was an exchange of flyers, with Moisés Ribeiro in the vacancy of Lucas Mineiro.

At Nacional, coach Alexander Medina made only one change: suspended for being sent off in Santa Catarina, Espino was replaced by Gonzalez.

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The local public spread a banner, in Spanish, that said: “Sorry, Chape, two do not represent us”. It was a way of apologizing for the behavior of some fans at the Condá Arena, who made mock gestures of the aerial tragedy that killed almost all of the Santa Catarina club, as well as directors, press professionals and guests in November 2016 in Colombia.

The visiting team was very close to opening the scoring as soon as three minutes of the ball rolling. Guilherme got up, Arthur headed back and goalkeeper Conde made a great save. In the rebound, Fabrício had his kick blocked.

Two minutes later, however, who made 1 to 0 was the three-time continental champion. De Pena crossed from the left, Fernández prepared and Romero, who had already rocked the net in Santa Catarina, amended first. The ball deflected in Douglas Silva and entered the left corner.

From then on, the Tricolor started to play the game that suited him, slowing down with a touch of the ball and some fouls. At 18, Zunino led from left to middle and knocked over the target.

Bumping into a strong marking, the Chape could not infiltrate and appealed for the launches, almost always fruitless. The Nacional, in turn, was only good, as at 32, when Márcio Araujo backtracked, Fernández tried to cover and missed by inches.

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Shortly after, at 38, the host team had everything to expand. Jandrei made a bad save after the corner kick, and Viudez rallied off the goal. Apodi appeared as a hero and moved away on the line.

The visiting team finally bothered again in the 41st minute, on Guilherme’s cross from the left. Douglas Silva headed down and Conde saved the hosts.

The South American Cup champion came up against his own mistakes and did not react. At six minutes of the second half, Apodi tried from far away and isolated. Two minutes later, missing Guilherme, Bruno Pacheco made the shower and placed where there were only players of the Uruguayan representative.

The level of the game has been falling. Nacional did not make a dent in the scoring, but it did not bother Jandrei either. At 17, Oliva stole from Arthur, accelerated and tried from outside the area, but missed the goal by far.

The young Bruno Silva, just 17 years old, took the place of Moisés Ribeiro in an attempt by Gilson Kleina to set fire to the game. At 24, the attacking midfielder cleared and touched Arthur, who turned and kicked over the crossbar.

The Nacional could have killed the match in the 29th minute, but also sinned in the conclusion. Barcia, who had entered a little earlier, prepared for Corujo, who knocked him out.

The move, however, was not lacking. Chapecoense was uncreative and only reached the opposing area at the base of the abaft. The last great attack happened at 43, in another pass from Bruno Silva to Arthur, who finished anyway and covered the goal.

Number of tickets requests for World Cup passes from 4 million

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The number of ticket applications for the 2018 world cup soccer in Russia has gone from four million in the raffle sale phase, which remains open and closes next Wednesday, January 31.

According to data released by Fifa, since the opening of the sale deadline, on December 5, 4,021,211 applications were received, mostly from Russia, followed by Germany, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Poland, Spain, Colombia, United States and the Netherlands.

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International ticket demand represents 45% of the total, according to Fifa, who reminded that fans around the world are still able to request entries on the platform until noon (Moscow time, Brasilia) of January 31.

Ticket applications can be made for all games (except the opening and the final) and also for those of a specific venue, as well as the “follower” and “conditional follower” entries of the 32 selections.

FIFA recalled that if the number of tickets ordered before January 31 surpasses those available, the distribution will be made by lottery and the result will be announced on March 12.

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Due to the number of seats available in each of the 12 stadiums that will host the World Cup matches, Fifa has reserved a lot of tickets for people with disabilities and reduced mobility.

Tickets purchased during this sales phase will be mailed free of charge in the weeks leading up to the tournament, starting in April or May, on dates that have not yet been specified.

FIFA also announced that, at the request of the Russian authorities, anyone wishing to watch the World Cup matches will have to request “a Fan ID card, which is an official document to identify the spectators.”

To enter the stadiums it will be mandatory to be in possession of this card and a valid ticket, so the entity recommended that interested parties request this free document once they receive the confirmation email of the ticket application.

Russia will offer cardholders such advantages and services as visa waiver to enter the country, as well as some free travel between host cities and free use of public transport on gaming days.

Finally, FIFA said that “it will not assume any obligation or responsibility derived from the request, dispatch, and use of fan cards”.

Wenger admits that Alexis Sanchez should defend Manchester United

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French coach Arsene Wenger admitted on Thursday that Chilean striker Alexis Sánchez is expected to leave Arsenal in the next few days, moving to Manchester United, ending a novel that began about a year ago.

The 29-year-old, who has a contract ending with the London team on June 31, has a deal with the Red Devils. The exit would still happen in this window, which remains open throughout the month, and the ‘Gunners’ would receive in return Armenian midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

“I am in this world, making hires almost 30 years ago, so I can say that it is more likely to come true,” he said. Collective interview.

“The market is like this: until the signature in the contract is not there, we can not push anything. In this type of business, there is never a total guarantee,” added Wenger.

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The French coach also assured that there is no problem of relationship with Sánchez. According to the team commander, the player trained normally yesterday and remains committed, while linked to the ‘Gunners’.

In recent semesters, the striker has been appointed several times as Manchester City’s target. The current leader of the English League, however, according to local media, wants to complete the contract in June, need to pay for the transfer to Arsenal.

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“We have done all we can,” Wenger said of the attempt to keep the Chilean in the club.

Grêmio suffers to overtime, but beats Pachuca and is in the World Cup final

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A little bright, but with a lot of disposition, Grêmio became the first finalist of the 2017 World Club Championship on Tuesday by beating Pachuca 1-0 in extra time at the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain, in the United Arab Emirates.

The game was a few chances of goals on both sides. In the best attempt of the Brazilian team in 90 minutes, Luan shot low, the goalkeeper flattened, and the ball still hit the crossbar. In the final moments, the ‘Tuzos’ could have become the first team of CONCACAF in the tournament decision, but Guzman’s header moved close to the crossbar.

In overtime, young star Everton shone – and coach Renato Gaucho, who bet on the boy. The 21-year-old midfielder fired from the left, cut to the middle and finalized with force to score the goal of the classification.

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It was the third time in three World Cup appearances that Grêmio played 120-minute games. The title of the Intercontinental Cup of 1983 was obtained in extra time against Hamburg, with two goals from Renato. In 1995, the Porto Alegre team lost to Ajax on penalties.

In the final, which will be held next Saturday in Abu Dhabi, Grêmio will play against Real Madrid, the current champion, or Al Jazira, winner of the UAE Championship. The two will face each other on Wednesday.

The only triumph of the Rio Tricolor against the Copa Libertadores final just under two weeks ago was Arthur, who suffered a left ankle injury during a 2-1 victory over Lanús, who secured the title.

In Pachuca, the best-known names were Japanese midfielder Keisuke Honda, former Barcelona, and goalkeeper Óscar Pérez, 44, who was considered low for someone in the position. According to the Mexican club, he measures 1’74.

Grêmio had the most from the start but the first danger was the Mexican team. With seven minutes left, Honda took the space in the middle, he fired from distance and sent close to the left beam.

The Immortal also responded with a long-range kick, at 16, in charge of Edilson’s absence. The ball took effect and took ink from the crossbar. A minute later, in Perez’s error in goal, Luan collected and risked, but eventually hit Fernandinho.

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The game became nervous over time, and the three-time champion of the Libertadores made many mistakes, while Pachuca exchanged passes, but without so much objectivity. At 29, Luan released Ramiro, who did not take well and facilitated the work of Perez.

With difficulty in creating, the Gaucho team only bothered in the still ball. On 40 minutes, Fernandinho charged foul near the left beak of the area and filled his foot, but covered the crossbar.

The Grêmio returned badly of the interval, retreated and attacking with fewer and fewer players. At ten minutes, Jailson left playing bad, Urretaviscaya took advantage and hit put, looking at the corner. Grohe had to stretch himself to defend.

Then, at 11, the winner of the Libertores gave another sign of nervousness. Luan made the shower in another foul, and Michel and Jael, who had entered a little earlier, were put together for the ball, which was out. The two players Gremistas were arguing after the bid.

Tricolor’s main name and discreet until then, Luan gave the air of grace to 14. The shirt 7 – same number of Renato Gaucho in the title of the Intercontinental Cup in 1983 – set to the right foot and kicked away. Perez flew in the corner, deflected and still saw the ball slip on the beam before leaving.

Over time, Grêmio was regaining control of the stock, but the odds were not plentiful. With 19 minutes, Edílson lifted and Jael headed to the right of the target.

At 29, again in charge of foul, edílson deceived enough people, including Renato Gaucho, who celebrated in vain. The side kicked in and hit the net, but from the outside. Then, at 31, Everton received the area but tried an extra cut, and the kick was blocked.

After some time being stifled, the Pachuca almost swung the net to 34. Urretaviscaya got the leftovers on the right, avoided the ball and sent to the area. Guzman anticipated on the first crossbar and headed just inches from the target.

Luan could have killed the match in the normal time but missed an incredible opportunity in the small area at 42. After a corner from the left, Jael turned around and found the attacking partner, who tried to dominate and ended up giving a gift to the goalkeeper.

In extra time, Grêmio was willing to decide, while Pachuca started “cooking.” The Brazilian team was rewarded for the effort in the six minutes of the first half, when Cortez made the throw, Everton won first in the force, second in the skill and finalized with force to the top, surpassing Pérez and making 1 to 0.

The offensive Tricolor, who thrilled during the Libertadores, seemed to have been saved for the overtime, dominated by the team – which also showed better fitness. At 13, Luan received from Everton and opened for Léo Moura, who crossed underneath. Jael stretched out but did not catch up.

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In the second stage, at four minutes, the ‘Tozos’ was with one man less. Still, the Mexican team went up, at the same time it was exposed to counterattacks. At seven, Luan accelerated from the right and knocked very close to the beam.

Renato called another defender, Rafael Thyere, and Gremio fell back in the final moments. Pachuca grew, but pressed in the base of the abafa, only with launches, and ran into a well-placed defense, which guaranteed a Brazilian team in the World Cup final for the first time in five years since the Corinthians title.


Grêmio: Marcelo Grohe; Edílson (Léo Moura), Pedro Geromel, Kannemann and Cortez; Jailson, Michel (Everton) and Ramiro; Luan, Fernandinho (Rafael Thyere) and Barrios (Jael). Technical: Renato Gaúcho.

Pachuca: Pérez; Martínez, González, Murillo and García (Sagal); Hernández, Aguirre (Sánchez), Guzmán and Honda; Urretaviscaya (Cano) and Jara (Herrera). Coach: Diego Alonso.

Referee: Felix Brych (Germany), aided by compatriots Mark Borsch and Stefan Lupp.

Yellow cards: Kannemann, Ramiro and Jael (Grêmio); Guzmán, García and Hernández (Pachuca).

Red card: Guzmán (Pachuca).

Goal by Everton (Gremio).

Stadium: Hazza Bin Zayed, in Al Ain (United Arab Emirates).

Claudio Beauvue: «Unzué wanted me in band and I did not want to stay in that situation»

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Never, even in the worst moments of his injury, he lost his smile. That which now looks wide open while wearing the shirt of a Leganés in which he is already considered an idol for his attitude, for his performance and also for his goals. Claudio Beuavue (Saint-Claude, Guadeloupe, 1988) needed to rediscover himself with the minutes and the continuity to be again the one that shone in the French league, and he is achieving it.

-Happy and adapted to Leganés?

– Yes, the truth is that I am fine with the group and the best, I am happy in the field.

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 -That means he made the right decision to leave on loan from Celta .

-Yes, because as I said to Celta, it was clear that after an injury like the one I suffered if I had no guarantee of playing games, not five minutes, but continuity, the best thing I could do was go play in a team where the coach wanted me, wanted to put me and give me confidence to try to find the level I had before.

-And he is achieving it.

-Yes, and I’m very happy. There is still a long way to go, the season is long, but I was not wrong when signing for Leganés, which is a club that wants to grow, stay in the category. We have a new sports city and the people of the club are supporting us and helping us with anything we need. The players that we have arrived are very hungry, we want to be very successful.

-It arrived at the Lega without continuity. Did it cost you a lot to integrate and pick up the pace?

-Not because we do things right by the hand of the coach and the physical trainer. We went little by little with the group. I was entering ten minutes, then thirty, forty, and then already headline. Everything has gone perfectly.

-He has two goals in the league, including a goal to Athletic.

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-Yes, the goal is cool [laughs]. Mark for me is very important, it’s my life, if I do not score goals I’m not happy. But when I do not score, if I feel that I have contributed the most to the team and we win, it does not affect me.

– That is, but with Toto Berizzo things were clear. At first not because I got injured quickly, but on my return I was playing as a striker in the league to rest the headlines. We were thinking that this year I would start as a forward, like I played in France, but there was a change of coach and that is what it costs me. Unzué wanted to put me in the band and I did not want to stay in that situation.

-I’m not far from the maximum, in this first part of the season I will pick up the pace and follow the path I like to reach the maximum. You have to work even harder and in two or three months I guess I’ll be at the top of my capacity.

– Astonished by the performance that Leganés is giving?

-We are not going to say that it surprises us because between us, that we see how we work, does not surprise us much. We are in the eleventh day and with 17 points, we have made good and bad matches, but in the field we never leave anything, we fight until the end, and in football, when you work and have clear ideas, sometimes things turn out all right. And there we are.

 «Since I arrived at Celta everything has been very positive except the injury»

Claudio Beauvue , from a distance, has become a spectator over Celta’s matches, a club in which he emphasizes that he has left many friends and with whom he is still joined by another three years of contract.

– Are you following the Celtic matches? What is looking like?

Image result for Claudio Beauvue:

-Yes, it’s a bit difficult because after so much time with Toto Berizzo there are players who were used to the system. With Unzúe’s new idea, you have to have time for the team to get used to the way you play, but little by little, although it’s true that in football there is not much patience. But my teammates are calm with that, making better matches every day and hope to improve with each new match.

 -For a clause in the assignment contract you can not play the game against Celta, but if you could and scored, would you celebrate the goal?

-Do not! Of course not, Impossible, because I have my friends there and since I came to Celta everything has been very positive, except for my injury, but all the players have something like that in their career. I have many friends there.

– Do you talk about Celta regularly with you?

-The physiotherapists do not every day, but sometimes we write and with the doctor too. Between club and club, but I guess when we go to play, we’ll talk. They also take care of me a lot.

 – Do you think that he will return to Celta after the transfer, would prefer to stay another year in Leganes or even look for another option, now that he has returned to enter the wheel of the league?

-For the moment I am calm, I want to do my season calmly, help as much as I can to the team to have the permanence and the rest we will see. I have three more years of contract in Vigo. I am happy for now, I do not want to talk about anything other than playing football and scoring goals.

-And when you think about goals, what is the challenge that you are pursuing this season?

-I want to score the maximum number of goals to help my team. That is the goal.

After trio cut, Burnley midfielder is called to friendly England

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Midfielder Jordan Henderson and Fabian Delph and midfielder Raheem Sterling were cut from the England squad for friendlies against Germany and Brazil, prompting coach Gareth Southgate to call on Burnley midfielder Jack Cork on Wednesday.

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The trio of embezzles joins the likes of Harry Winks, Dele Alli and center-forward Harry Kane, all of Tottenham, who also left the two matches, which will take place on Friday and next Tuesday, respectively, because of injuries.

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Cork, 28, hired earlier this season by Burnley, right-back for Swansea, has never played for the England team, having gone through all base divisions, including the Under-23s of Great Britain, who played in the Olympic Games of London in 2012.

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Beyond the wheel, Everton defender Michael Keane and West Bromwich midfielder Jake Livermore have already been called in to complete the squad for the duels with Germans and Brazilians, both to be played at Wembley Stadium.

Germany, Argentina and Spain will wear retro uniforms in the Russian Cup

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Adidas revealed on Monday that Argentina, Germany and Spain, as well as other nations such as Colombia and Russia, will compete in the 2018 World Cup with uniforms inspired by designs from the past, but adapted to the 21st century “with innovation and technology. ”

The 125th anniversary of the AFA, the Argentine football federation, will be represented in the shirt of the selection ‘Albiceleste’ with the incorporation of a mark in honor of the ephemeris on the right hand side. In addition, the uniform is inspired by the model used by the selection in 1993, year of the conquest of the Copa America, the last title of the main team.

The Colombia shirt is inspired by the model used by Valderrama and company in the 1990 World Cup in Italy, the same year that served as the basis for Germany’s new uniform, a reinterpretation of one of the country’s most famous designs, Die Mannschaft ‘won the third championship.

DUESSELDORF, GERMANY – NOVEMBER 06: Ilkay Guendogan (C) poses during the ADIDAS presentation of the new DFB home jersey for the FIFA Confederations Cup at Boui Boui Bilk on November 6, 2016 in Duesseldorf, Germany. (Photo by Simon Hofmann/Getty Images For ADIDAS) *** Local Caption *** Ilkay Guendogan

Spain’s new uniform, in turn, had its design inspired by the model of the United States Cup in 1994, while host Russia will use a rereading of the shirt worn by the Soviet Union at the 1988 Seoul Olympics when it won the gold medal by beating Brazil in the final.

“The fans have the same feeling, they have a desire for authenticity and evolution, they want something that they can identify with immediately, but at the same time, they must have the latest technologies and innovations. of the fans, and the needs of the stadium and the streets, “explained Jürgen Rank, senior design director for the German sports brand.

Germany overtakes Brazil and takes the lead in the FIFA Ranking

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The victories over the Czech Republic and Norway for the European qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup, led Germany to overtake Brazil and take the lead in the FIFA Ranking, according to the list released by the highest body of football.

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With the guaranteed place for the World Cup, the Brazilian team, coming from a win over Ecuador and a draw with Colombia, for the South American Qualifiers, is in second place, followed by Portugal.

Argentina, currently in fifth place in the qualifiers, and who would play today the recapture against New Zealand, representative of Oceania, fell one position, finishing fourth.

Image result for Germany overtakes Brazil and takes the lead in the FIFA Ranking

Check out the top ten in the FIFA Ranking below:

————————————————– ———–

.1. Germany 1606 points.

.2. Brazil 1590 points.

.3. Portugal 1386 points.

.4. Argentina 1325 points.

.5. Belgium 1265 points.

.6. Poland 1250 points.

.7. Switzerland 1210 points.

.8. France 1208 points.

.9. Chile 1195 points.

10. Colombia 1191 points.

Dream debut: Pachuca golea and Keisuke Honda scores

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This afternoon at the Hurricane the Pachuca crushed Veracruz , in the match that marked the debut of Keisuke Honda , who failed to score in his first game with the Mexican club. The squad led by Jesus Martinezdefeated the squalid 4-1 and everything would have been a real feast if not for the five injuries (Puch, Sagal, Gutérrrez, Aguirre and Urretavizcaya) suffered by the ‘ Bella Airosa’ team.

As expected the  local box looked overwhelming from the beginning of the match. The Tuzos dominated the ball and pushed Veracruz into their own field. The whole of Diego Alonso was stoning the ranch to Pedro Gallese ; It was a matter of time for the locals to get the first goal, which fell to the 14th minute.

Los Tuzos made a good collective play. Erick Gutiérrez sent the ball to Erick Aguirre who shuffled it past the keeper. Angelo Sagal hit the ball, Pedro Gallese stopped the ball in the first instance but Sagal took advantage of the rebound and opened the scoring.

After this play the party stopped for more than five minutes because the goalkeeper of the Shark suffered an exposed fracture of one of his fingers. We got to rest with the Hidalgo box winning 2-0 and with Honda waiting on the bench.

In the second half the picture of Diego Alonso immediately gave a blow of authority. Víctor Guzmán walks on fire the Mexican scored again. The player anticipated his marker in a corner shot and shot in a strange way to score a goal worthy of Chicharito.

In the complementary part a series of injuries afflicted the Tuzos and that opened the door for the expected debut of Keisuke Honda . In minute 57 the Japanese entered in place of Edson Puch as the public of the Hurricane surrendered to him in applause.

The injuries continued and a time came when the Pachuca had to play with nine men. However neither was that impediment for the former Japanese AC Milan scored his first goal with the coat of Hidalgo. Honda was only on a counterattack and fired strong and shallow to beat Meliton.

Chrstian Pellerano managed to discount for Veracruz; But it was not enough to overshadow the fact that Pachuca had given a dance to the Sharks. In fact the debut of Keisuke Honda would have been a real feast had it not been for the multiple injuries suffered by the local team. However the same losses of the Tuzos will surely make the Japanese start the next meeting of the Diego Alonso, as the Hidalgoes visit Xolos next Friday.

FIFA 17: The jump we were waiting for?

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2016 is a year of great changes for EA Sports and the saga FIFA, which had sinned of too conservative in the last years, and despite its playable proposal varied and tremendously addictive, its visual section that had lagged behind other sports alternatives . As the seventh of the cavalry comes DICE’s acclaimed Frostbite engine, which is already a standard within EA’s productions, and which seeks to fill the gaps of recent years.
  • 2017: a very important year for FIFA
  • Frostbite: A high-flying engine to compete with PES
  • The Journey: A “story mode” NBA 2K style
  • What’s New in the Game for FIFA 17
  • Exclusivity of rights of LaLiga Spanish

2017: a very important year for FIFA

Just a few days ago EA Sports presented to the European media the news of the new installment of the saga, ‘ FIFA 17 ‘ , which this year comes loaded with news that not only will notice the most adept football simulator, but any fan football. In the case of Spain, it was the Estadio Santiago Bernabéu the stage used to show us these news and allow us to try them for the first time to see if FIFA really gives the expected jump or the promises are left only for the most experienced players.

If FIFA has been pulling the car in recent years based on a very technical and deep playable proposal, in addition to some really addictive game modes like Ultimate Team or Online Seasons, the truth is that we missed a qualitative leap more evident. Especially as regards everything that has to do with the “soccer planet”, whose recreation had not yet risen the expected rung in this generation of consoles. To get even farther, EA has thrown down the street in the middle and has bet nothing less than to bring the engine Frostbite DICE to FIFA 17

If we have been hearing the siren chants for a possible 2K football game for years, it is this year EA Sports that gives us the surprise, propitiating us a more NBA 2K than ever, picking up some elements characteristic of the huge sports license of Visual Concepts And taking it to the world of football. We refer to the expected “story mode”, which reaches FIFA 17 under the name of ‘ The Journey’ and is presented as a tribute to fans of the sport king, with cinematic that will make us live all the ins and outs of this world, Especially off the pitch.

Frostbite: A high-flying engine to compete with PES

As we anticipated, FIFA 17 makes a huge visual leap embracing DICE’s acclaimed graphics engine : Frostbite , which we have enjoyed so much in sagas as ‘Battlefield’ or the most recent ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’, leaving behind Ignite engine, Which has been with us since 2013. In this way it seems that EA Sports intends on the one hand to shorten visual distances with the spectacular sports recreations of the saga ‘NBA 2K’ and on the other hand leave in nothing one of the muscles of ‘ Pro Evolution Soccer’ In the last years: the recreation of the real players and the stadiums in the repetitions, something that we have been able to verify now FIFA also manages to represent very well.

Frostbite achieves a deeper recreation of the world of football , as well as faithfully portraying the costumes, the players’ exit from the tunnels to the stadium, plus more television-like content such as post-match interviews, etc. In addition, the work of the graphics engine is also noticeable on the pitch, printing a more detailed finish to the players, and especially with that characteristic lighting of Frostbite in all its games.

On the other hand, we are also facing a major leap in terms of the animations of the players, the factor in our opinion most important to achieve a more realistic result. Up to three times more animations have been included for this new delivery than before; Not only has it worked to get more detailed faces looking for photorealism, but to get those faces to express credible emotions.


The Journey: A “story mode” NBA 2K style

Along with the introduction of Frostbite , the big news that we will see this year is The Journey, FIFA’s long-awaited “story mode” in the NBA 2K style that has been asked so much by the community these years. To make us happy EA Sports has created a very similar experience; We put ourselves in the shoes of Alex Hunter , a young promise that will have to make its way from below, getting to sign for the most important clubs, sharing costumes with real players and coaches and gaining the title by game, to become a reference for their Colleagues in the field. To develop this mode EA Sports claims to have had some sports journalists as consultants to achieve a story that is truly credible.

We try to transfer to the video game an immersive experience that takes place both on the pitch and outside, with dialogues, crucial decisions in our career and all this narrated through cinematic with the engine of the game itself. The Journey will require us to fully take charge of our race from the outset, and our assault on glory will depend not only on how well we do it in the field, but also at times like post-match statements or the Opt for one or the other team. We will have the possibility to choose between several options in the ‘Dragon Age’ or ‘Mass Effect’ dialogues; Not in vain Bioware has helped EA Sports in this section.

On the field of play, we will control the whole team, but what will really mark our role in each game will be to meet Alex the challenges that mark us , which will influence our final score. We will also have the possibility to improve our personal statistics in weekly training, so the management of our football career will be almost total. Like in NBA 2K, later we can spend the points obtained in the games in improvements for our player.

In the presentation we could only live the story of Alex Hunter in the Premier League, however in EA neither deny nor confirm that this mode will not have their respective adaptations to other tournaments like Spanish LaLiga , Italian Calcio or German Bundesliga . We do not know the plans of EA and if they prefer to focus on the English championship this year as a contact, or keep the ace in the sleeve of announcing the other leagues later.


What’s New in the Game for FIFA 17

In essence, FIFA’s technical cutting formula remains unchanged, with many possibilities in the controls when it comes to developing the game and to defend that the less experienced will have to discover little by little. However, deepening the sensations this year with ‘ FIFA 17 ‘ we could say that it has progressed in achieving that really prevail the game of midfielders, as in real football. This will influence a slower pace of matches and fewer encounters of “correcalles” because in general the defenders’ AI seems to now control the spaces better and there are not so many coladeros flipping to defend.

Like innovations in the ball game we find the incorporation of a new camera in the throws of fault , the total change in the penalties (now we even control the running of the player when throwing) and a new system of serves of corner with peephole incorporated for Place the ball exactly where we want. On the other hand has been working to improve the physical shocks of players that will now be generated in a procedural way, achieving, according to EA Sports a more realistic result. As for divided balls, now protecting the ball with the body and winning it over is more important and the feeling at that time is more real than ever.

Last but not least, we find an improved general AI that we are told is constantly analyzing the spaces in the game terrain. Our teammates now analyze the opportunities and the holes in the defense when we have the controlled ball to clear and generate danger passes. Players controlled by the CPU now take advantage of the spaces to make sprints of many meters and that we can find the quality pass between lines that we look for. Being our first contact, we have not been able to delve much more into the playable novelties and above all if they really affect the game, something that we will have to analyze in later tests before the launch of ‘FIFA 17’.


Exclusivity of rights of LaLiga Spanish

Perhaps this is the most shocking announcement (unexpectedly) this year, something that has taken EA to unveil it at the end: the exclusive acquisition of the rights of LaLiga . FIFA continues to work hard to get juicy licenses, and the truth is that there are very few left to conquer. If up to now we saw the most important European domestic competitions (except those belonging to UEFA, such as the Eurocopa or the Champions League) represented in the game, FIFA 17 goes a step further by acquiring the exclusive rights of the Spanish championship. This means, on the one hand, that Konami loses another league for this year’s edition of Pro Evolution Soccer, considering that it no longer had the license of the Premier League and the Bundesliga.

On the other hand, this exclusive means that now EA Sports has the ability to deepen much more in the recreation of our championship in terms of stadiums, so it is more than likely that FIFA 17 will recreate many more of the Primera Division . So far only four of them were available: Santiago Bernabéu, Camp Nou, Vicente Calderón and Mestalla, but as it happens thanks to the Premier’s license, EA could now bring us the 20 stadiums of LaLiga , great news for fans of the Soccer of our country.