Claudio Beauvue: «Unzué wanted me in band and I did not want to stay in that situation»

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Never, even in the worst moments of his injury, he lost his smile. That which now looks wide open while wearing the shirt of a Leganés in which he is already considered an idol for his attitude, for his performance and also for his goals. Claudio Beuavue (Saint-Claude, Guadeloupe, 1988) needed to rediscover himself with the minutes and the continuity to be again the one that shone in the French league, and he is achieving it.

-Happy and adapted to Leganés?

– Yes, the truth is that I am fine with the group and the best, I am happy in the field.

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 -That means he made the right decision to leave on loan from Celta .

-Yes, because as I said to Celta, it was clear that after an injury like the one I suffered if I had no guarantee of playing games, not five minutes, but continuity, the best thing I could do was go play in a team where the coach wanted me, wanted to put me and give me confidence to try to find the level I had before.

-And he is achieving it.

-Yes, and I’m very happy. There is still a long way to go, the season is long, but I was not wrong when signing for Leganés, which is a club that wants to grow, stay in the category. We have a new sports city and the people of the club are supporting us and helping us with anything we need. The players that we have arrived are very hungry, we want to be very successful.

-It arrived at the Lega without continuity. Did it cost you a lot to integrate and pick up the pace?

-Not because we do things right by the hand of the coach and the physical trainer. We went little by little with the group. I was entering ten minutes, then thirty, forty, and then already headline. Everything has gone perfectly.

-He has two goals in the league, including a goal to Athletic.

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-Yes, the goal is cool [laughs]. Mark for me is very important, it’s my life, if I do not score goals I’m not happy. But when I do not score, if I feel that I have contributed the most to the team and we win, it does not affect me.

– That is, but with Toto Berizzo things were clear. At first not because I got injured quickly, but on my return I was playing as a striker in the league to rest the headlines. We were thinking that this year I would start as a forward, like I played in France, but there was a change of coach and that is what it costs me. Unzué wanted to put me in the band and I did not want to stay in that situation.

-I’m not far from the maximum, in this first part of the season I will pick up the pace and follow the path I like to reach the maximum. You have to work even harder and in two or three months I guess I’ll be at the top of my capacity.

– Astonished by the performance that Leganés is giving?

-We are not going to say that it surprises us because between us, that we see how we work, does not surprise us much. We are in the eleventh day and with 17 points, we have made good and bad matches, but in the field we never leave anything, we fight until the end, and in football, when you work and have clear ideas, sometimes things turn out all right. And there we are.

 «Since I arrived at Celta everything has been very positive except the injury»

Claudio Beauvue , from a distance, has become a spectator over Celta’s matches, a club in which he emphasizes that he has left many friends and with whom he is still joined by another three years of contract.

– Are you following the Celtic matches? What is looking like?

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-Yes, it’s a bit difficult because after so much time with Toto Berizzo there are players who were used to the system. With Unzúe’s new idea, you have to have time for the team to get used to the way you play, but little by little, although it’s true that in football there is not much patience. But my teammates are calm with that, making better matches every day and hope to improve with each new match.

 -For a clause in the assignment contract you can not play the game against Celta, but if you could and scored, would you celebrate the goal?

-Do not! Of course not, Impossible, because I have my friends there and since I came to Celta everything has been very positive, except for my injury, but all the players have something like that in their career. I have many friends there.

– Do you talk about Celta regularly with you?

-The physiotherapists do not every day, but sometimes we write and with the doctor too. Between club and club, but I guess when we go to play, we’ll talk. They also take care of me a lot.

 – Do you think that he will return to Celta after the transfer, would prefer to stay another year in Leganes or even look for another option, now that he has returned to enter the wheel of the league?

-For the moment I am calm, I want to do my season calmly, help as much as I can to the team to have the permanence and the rest we will see. I have three more years of contract in Vigo. I am happy for now, I do not want to talk about anything other than playing football and scoring goals.

-And when you think about goals, what is the challenge that you are pursuing this season?

-I want to score the maximum number of goals to help my team. That is the goal.